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2007-06-12 - 10:28 a.m.

I moved.

I have taken up residence in a very nice little community on the northern edge of a big traffic laden city.

I am freaked out by every strange noise that occurs in the night. I've never been scared by myself, but I am just weirded out lately. Last night, I was trying and failing dismally at sleep... and along about 2:30 am, I became aware of a sound that was like heavy rain. I got up to look out the window and see if there was a storm and lo... it was not raining. The parking lot was dry.

Since I was still hearing the water sound, I became convinced that someone was in my kitchen running water. What a heinous criminal it must be... to stand in one's kitchen in the middle of the night... running water.

I was sneaking towards my kitchen, when I realized that I did not want to catch an intruder while I was naked, so I had to find my nightie, which I had thrown during the night. I am used to sleeping naked, but I feel vulnerable in the new place, so I'm trying to sleep with the gown on. This is not working for me. It keeps me from sleeping, with its infuriating body-wrapping action.

Newly gowned, I crept towards the kitchen and discovered there was not an intruder, but a pretty hard hitting sprinkler system. Apparently, they like to do their watering in the middle of the night. Fun.

I have to go. I am at work, and the computer guy is coming to hook up my work pc. I am on my laptop right now. I don't want to be observed while posting an entry in my blog. I'm going to hit up Mr. Computer guy to help me get furniture to my new apartment. I'm shy to ask. This is the same guy I have the flirty flirty thing with. He's probably going to think I want him to deliver more than furniture. hehe.

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