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2004-12-06 - 9:38 p.m.

Something is wrong with the laptop... or something. I keep getting booted. May lose this whole thing. We shall see.

This hotel is so nice. My co-worker is staying one night, I'm staying all week. The bed is cushy and the jacuzzi is huge. I need to get in there. I'll bet I'll go home pruney on Friday.

I could get used to living here. Just got back from dinner. The first day went as was to be expected. I'm trying to figure out where everything is and how everything has been done in the past. I'm assured that the money will indeed be what I was expecting, and I won't be transcribing anything. Those two factors were the things that mattered most to me, so I am a happy girl... today. There is potential for vast suckitude, but maybe it will be great. It went pretty well today.

I think I am going to lose my connection soon, so I'll post and amend if I have more to say.


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