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2007-04-30 - 5:54 p.m.

I'm home with my sister's two kids. We are awaiting her return to the house, with grub. The short one is not in a mood for waiting. This is the conversation that just went down:

Short stuff (5 yrs old): I'm hungry. Can you get me something to eat?

Me (age unimportant): Your mom is coming home with food and we are going to eat dinner then.

SS (emphatically): HUNGRY!! I WANT CEREAL!!!

Me: We got no milk.

SS: ::makes a face and stomps away with small black cloud over her head::

Me: We will be having dinner very soon.

... a few minutes pass... then short stuff shows up again with a facial expression bordering somewhere between crack ho and crazed maniac...

SS: I'm really really hungry!!

Me: ::assesses crazed facial expression and decides a snack may be in order after all::

SS: How about straight up cereal, IN A BAG???

Me: Deal.

She agreed to take a small baggie of of cheerios. Mind you, this was an option that had been unacceptable a few minutes earlier. Drastic times require drastic measures.


So I have not updated so much lately. I neglected my email for so long that I had 413 emails in there when I looked. I suppose you could say I am still somewhat pre-occupied with my second life, also known as my preferred life. ::sigh::

I'm not anywhere near as bad as I was before. When I stopped working at the club, I cut way back on my in-game time. I'm in there enough though.

Guess who is still with me? My spikey one.. the dark one.. the bad boy to beat all bad boys. He's being a sweetie. There have been no angry outbursts for a while. Things are on a pretty even keel. He is taking his meds. What can I say? He's just like a feral cat. He wants his ears scratched like all the other cats, he just is very very wild and skittish. You can't make any sudden moves around him. Somebody was very bad to him when he was little. I wish I could undo that damage.

Cryptic enough?


I am still weighing options on different career paths. I'm really tired of my line of work. I've got to go do another consult down south and I am not sure when that is going to happen. I am hanging loose for now, but I am checking into schools and wildly differing types of careers, like IT / computer repair / networking, Esthetics - to learn to do microderm abrasion, hair removal, facials, etc, maybe permanent make-up... totally different from what I've been doing. I just don't know what I want to be when I grow up.


It is time for me to renew my D-land subscription. I hardly ever update. Hmmmm... should I or shouldn't I?

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