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2004-01-14 - 7:21 p.m.


I am feeling inspired, thanks to living-lulu. Her entry today was about the disgusting case of the "condom in the soup". Finding a used condom in your clam chowder could mess up your whole dinner.

Har Har... see what I did there? I understated the obvious.

I slay me.

Anyhoo, reading about this case reminded me of something horrible that happened to a woman who shall remain nameless, due to medical confidentiality laws.

I read this in an Emergency Room record when I was a student on affiliation with a large local hospital.

This woman reported that she was at a restaurant (which has since closed down) and she was chewing and chewing and chewing on some "lettuce" that just wouldn't chew up, so eventually, she took it out of her mouth and looked at it.

You know it was something nasty.

It was a bandaid with some "foreign matter" on the gauze part. She was chewing someone's sore finger drainage! AAAUUUGGGHHH!!!

"What kind of dressing would you like Ma'am?"

"I'll take the Pus-N-Blood Ranch, please!"

The rest of that story is that she presented to the ER because she could not stop vomiting. She had been barfing up everything she swallowed for a whole week, because she could not stop puking when she thought about chewing that nasty bandaid. She was dehydrated.

Incidentally, that same restaurant was closed down after a hepatits break out. One of their kitchen workers had hepatitis and wasn't too keen on WASHING HIS HANDS AFTER HANDLING HIS PRIVATES.

I've noticed that in the men's bathroom, the trash can is never full, and in the women's bathroom, the trash always has a lot of paper towels in it. FROM HAND WASHING.

In fairness to the clean men of the world: I know that some of you always wash your hands before exiting the restroom, and you are loved and cherished for your civilzed ways.

Mothers, please, for the love of Pete, teach your sons to wash their hands. Drill it into their grimey little skulls.

Do you ever wonder how many gross things you've eaten at restaurants without knowing it?

What a yucky thought.

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