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2005-01-31 - 12:53 a.m.

I saw the movie "Hide and Seek" today. I have an unavoidable habit of picking up all the clues and figuring out the plots twists before they are revealed. This annoys Bink no end. Well, if I announce it too quickly in the movie, she gets annoyed. She doesn't like for me to know waaaaay in advance what's going to happen. I can't help it that I recognize the tools writers use to advance a plot. When I hear ambiguous language I can see where it's leading and it all comes clear to me.

I liked the movie. It was an entertaining couple of hours.

I want to watch Napolean Dynamite. I've heard a lot about it and now I need to see it. Why are people only talking about it now? It's been out for months. Probably because it went to DVD. That Napolean Dynamite has some smokin' hot hair, don't he?

I went to high school with a guy that had that exact same hair-do and he used to follow me home from school every day. Him and his 2 geekified buddies. One of the guys was FREAKY looking in a morose kind of way, he was way too tall for his age and he wore these really tight pants that were too short. (Yeah, I was a geek magnet.) One guy was just a skinny nerd, and then of course there was Napolean Dynamite, without all the personality.

They followed me closely enough that I knew they were there, but they usually didn't say anything to me, except for a few awkward times that they all came up to me and pointed at each other, saying "He likes you", in unison.

Let's hope their technique improved.

I'm guessing it took them a really long time to ever get girlfriends and it probably didn't happen at all until their mid 20's. One of them actually grew up to be good looking though. He was the skinny nerd. He got into weight lifting and he grew into a pretty handsome guy. He used to work as a bouncer at a club. He always was the most attractive one of the 3.

There was another group of 3 guys in my life back then. They used to walk down my street and ring my doorbell, throw pebbles at my window, etc. I referred to them as "Larry, Curly, and Moe. This was perfect because one of them was really named Larry, one was fat, and the one I called Moe had a black, bowl hair-cut. What a dumb hair style. But he was really kind of cute under that stupid hair and I developed a little crush on him eventually. I dated Larry a few years later, after I had squeezed all the fun out of dissing him. He liked the abuse. I used to make him so mad, he would stutter. It was a beautiful relationship we shared.

I'm a trial and a scandal, you know.

Well, reading back over this I can clearly see why I am not employed as a movie critic. I got off track a little.

I am missing Carnivale while I inexplicably travel down memory lane to the dark days of teen life. I had as much fun as is possible during a strict Southern Baptist upbringing. I'm still grounded. I was grounded for life. All because I was found at a bar at about 3 am with a joint in my sock after having told my parents I was going to a "slumber party".

OK, 'nuff of this memory lane stuff. I am going to watch Carnivale in a couple of hours. Lucky for me, it comes on again on another HBO.

Oh! Before I sign off... Last night I dreamed that a handsome young guy in a dark trench coat came into a house full of people and asked me where everyone was. I gave him directions to the living room, and I heard him go in there and mow everyone down with an automatic weapon. I went to hide in the closet, behind a big column that was made of rolled up foam egg crate material. I thought he was leaving the house, but he came into the room I was in and came directly to where I was. Like he could see me. He was aiming the gun at me and was going to kill me, but I asked him not to. I told him I wouldn't tell anyone about him. And he decided to let me live. I felt lucky.

I don't know what that means... but I was the luckiest person inn the house. I had a close call and made it through. So I'm guessing its meaning was pleasant, even though the dream itself really was unpleasant.

My dreams have been very active lately. And last week was crazy. I'll bet something was going on astrologically.

I've got to get my clothes ready for the upcoming week. I've got my work cut out for me tomorrow. I thought the boss wasn't reading my reports, so I skipped one last week and guess what? He is wondering where his report is. I'll make him a nice newsy one tomorrow. I have a week's worth of coding for 2 hospitals and some other fires to put out. But tomorrow night I'll be in my favorite hotel, in the jacuzzi, feeling happy.

I am sleepy. I hope I don't konk out before the second showing of carnivale!

And now for the laundry...

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