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2004-05-28 - 9:04 p.m.

Good news about Abby! The knot on her leg was just a cross pin that had migrated. Not a broken femur or anything. She doesn't have to have a new surgery and she has been using her leg since she came home! So yay. She has been hobbling on 3 legs since her last surgery and now she is walking on it. The vet did say that the bone may have grown together at the knee cap and if that is the case he wants to operate again to free her knee cap, but if I understand him correctly, it may not be necessary if Abby starts using that leg. So here's hoping!!

I really expected the vet to tell me Abby needs another expensive surgery. Not only do I not want to spend another large sum, but I don't want the pooch to have to go through another thing. I am going to have her spayed. I hope I can put that off awhile though. At least a few months.

The short kid keeps taking off her diaper and tonight I discovered that she was au naturale once again so I said "Hey you! Go get your diaper on!" She said "No, I not. I'm a big girl." I said "Well, you're a big girl with a nekkid butt, and you need something on your hiner." But she has decided she's all done with diapers, since those are for BABIES.

This is progress, I think.

Where the hell is my butler?? That scamp must have scurried off again. Darn his crazy hyde. Guess I'll have to clean this messy room myself.

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