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2004-02-29 - 9:59 p.m.

I think I need a whole new gig. Not just a new job, but a new blah de blah entirely. I am sick and tired of the Nipple profession. I've worked my way up to making decent money and now I'm sick of it. The job, not the money. I should have gone for something more creative. Or some job field with less assholes in it. Hey wait... every workygig has assholes. Hmmmmmmmm... must..... make .....new ......plan.

Life is a constant struggle. And then you die. Along the way, some of your loved ones will die or have otherwise tragic situations befall them, and you will have to carry on without them, tortured by a disturbing last image of that loved one in your mind. A vision you wish you could erase. But you can't. You just have to suffer the rest of your miserable life wondering what you could have done different and wishing you'd said those things you can't say now.

Yep. That, or, you are floating along in your teen years and someone realizes that you are a natural at some sport so you go on to be awarded a full scholarship and then on to a fun career of college sports, followed by professional sports, supermodel groupies, multi-million dollar product endorsements...

Or something.

Some people do something interesting with their lives. There are people who make their living in foreign lands, doing things they are passionate about. There are people who make just insane amounts of money and no one gives them any bullshit about it.


Good grief. Won't we all be glad when this mood passes me by???????

Actually, I have some things going on astrologically, and this is supposed to be the year when I find something more fulfilling to do for a living. I say BRING IT ON.

If you have any suggestions, do enlighten me. I am still considering massage therapy. I just want to consider everything, lest I end up choosing the wrong thing AGAIN.

I'M LIVING IN A HOUSE FULL OF SPONGEMONKEYS. Their haunting ballads can be heard all over the Teets abode.

We like tha MOOOOON.


Check it out.


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