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2010-01-11 - 6:05 p.m.

This guy has bigger problems than me right now:

Sal Esposito, Citizen.

This cat's name is Sal Esposito and he has been summoned for jury duty. His owners, Anna and Guy Esposito, of East Boston, received his summons in the mail. Anna tried to disqualify Sal, ya know... because he's a CAT...but the jury commissioner rejected the appeal. If the issue isn't resolved by Sal's court date, Anna is going to bring her cat to court to fulfill his apparent civil duty. Sal's diminutive stature could possibly be a danger for him in the big house. Being a law abiding cat, he wishes to see the matter taken care of correctly.

I would love to see what the jury commissioner has to say about this embarrassing display of ineptitude. This person must have been on auto-pilot that day with a "no excuses" attitude to hold a cat's tiny paws to the fire on his impending jury duty.

My advice to Sal is to say something really racist while they are interviewing him so that he will not be seen as a viable juror. That's about all he can do at this point.

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