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2007-03-07 - 11:52 a.m.

Here's a little dose of Wilberteets Real-Life-Stuff for you, Gentle Reader.

You may recall that a nervous, red-eyed, nitwit ran me off the road a long while back and broke my car's transmission, putting me into some long term chiropractic care with a cute yet deliciously pervy doctor... and then the insurance company, Assco, refused to fix my car and tried to give me 700 bucks for the whole fiasco. My parting words to Assco's rep was "You can pay the small amount I am asking for now, or you can pay me a large amount later, because if this goes to court, I WILL WIN."

My attorney called yesterday to tell me the fine news that Assco has now offered to pay 20K for a cash settlement. All I was asking for was the $2500 for my transmission and the car rental fees... bunch of idiots!!!! Some asshole at the insurance company should be fired for handling that so badly. Someone could have saved the company over 15K, just by being reasonable and fair to me. But noooo..

Thank God for idiots.

So this inspired me... and I went to the post office earlier today to mail off a certified formal letter of demand for my damn money that has been owed to me from a certain ex-client of mine. I gave them 15 days to comply or else I go to the government agency that rules over hospitals with a lengthy list of vendors who have been screwed over by this hospital. All this bad debt can be verified, and it WILL result in the loss of their license, since they are operating on a trial basis after being caught screwing over vendors in the past. They will pay me, or they will lose their license. Simple as that. If I have to go to that government agency, my next stop will be my attorney's office. My attorney will send a letter of demand, and if that does not yield payment, it's lawsuit time. I have invoices, receipts, AP reports, witnesses, and all kinds of evidence showing that it is a valid debt. They really have no choice but to pay me. So that ball is rolling.


I'm in the "Teets of Justice" mode right now. I will have my damn money!!! I feel good. Accomplished even.

I am considering changing my life up. I am sick and tired of some of the crap I am currently having to deal with in the business I am in... I am tired of having to threaten people to get what I am owed. I am tired of the sheisters I deal with. I am thinking of totally changing my career path. I might go back to school and totally become something else. I don't know yet. If I do this, I am going to figure out exactly what I want to be doing, how much education it will take, and set about making a plan.

I might just attend a couple of cool seminars and recharge my batteries in my field of expertise, or I might just throw in this raggedy old towel and make a whole new plan. I could be anything. I have a lot of thinking to do. I'll keep you posted.

I'm back!


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