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2004-08-27 - 12:30 a.m.

I am back from my trip out of town. My meeting went well. The owner of this company I've been consulting for wants to give me a few written proposals after he has a chance to come up with "a few scenarios" for me to consider coming to work for him on a full time or consulting basis.

So it all depends on the dollars. If they agree to pay me a really good salary, I'm there, dude. If not, I'll keep consulting for them and for others. He's a jealous type though... he has already tried to extract a promise to not work for anyone else but him. If I go full time there, he wants to be my one and only venture. He also was talking about pimping me out to his business associates in need of my kind of skillz. So we can "both make some money". I am game for that. I don't mind a bit. If it gets me to my financial goals, I don't care what he makes off the deals.

I can't wait to see what he comes up with. I hope they meet me at a salary I can be happy about. I am sort of enjoying the thought of moving to a new city.

In Other News:

I also found out the mindless puppet that used to be adminstrator at my old hospital has been fired. I hope he remembered my parting words to him. I told him to think of me when the asshole at the top screws him over like he'd screwed me and everyone else over. I told him to just think back, and remember that I told him his day was coming.

Muahaha. Karma is an amusing little bitch.

Tomorrow I am going to call and get the inside scoop from my trusty mole. They probably blamed the administrator for my departure from the company that cost them so damn much money.

Last News Item:

I am exhausted after very little sleep over the past few nights and I'm about to hit the sack. I came home and found my pc acting crazy and I think I am going to have to reformat the thing all the way back to square 1. Good thing I made those recovery disks. The pc keeps restarting for no apparent reason. It just suddenly goes black and restarts. Annoying!!

If I lose this entry, I'll just go to bed without rewriting it. I can't re-do this tonight.

Ok... I gots to snooze.

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