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2004-08-01 - 11:33 p.m.

A tragedy has befallen me.

Yes folks, it is with a heavy heart that I announce the tragic premature demise of my beloved keyboard. **sob**

She was a beauty. She typed many an entry on her able keys. She tolerated much uninvited tip-toeing across her lovely face by the cat. She had a volume dial.

Oh, how I will miss her.

I knew not that she was ill. Had I known of her distress, surely I could have prevented this disaster. I know not whether this evil is the work of the pop-up thieves which seek to hold my pc hostage. I used Spybot Search & Destroy and the only thing that was destroyed was my beloved keyboard. At first I believed my drivers to be screwed up by the loss of shared files when cleaning off the scoundrel spyware, but no... this was not the case. When I plugged this new replacement keyboard in, it sprung to life, no drivers to be added, no files to be adjusted.

I loved my former keyboard so much that when I bought this new tower some months back, I elected to keep my old keyboard in place and store the new keyboard in its box, beneath my bed. I hoped the day would never come when I would have to use the "other keyboard". But use it I shall, for my sweet innocent keyboard of yesterday is no more.

These buttons are quiet, on this new board of keys...

I shall go on, a bit sadder, but enriched by our time together. *sigh*


Here's a sentence that sounds dirty, but isn't:

"Strippers just do it on the table."

Ain't that right, Gerg?

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