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2004-07-15 - 12:16 a.m.

After a hard day's work, a toddler likes to come in, kick back in her recliner, and enjoy a brewsky. Nekkid.

You might notice there is no picture of a naked toddler here. There was... though you couldn't see any private parts. You see,this is not a porn site. I get lots and lots of google hits from people who are looking for something under the search line "naked toddler". I HOPE this is just someone who happened to have discovered my blog on the day I wrote this entry and then bookmarked it and always return via that link. However, on the outside chance that this is some perv who just wants to get a peek at someone's naked baby, I am deleting the picture and replacing it with a new flogger's dream... a ferret. Enjoy, Sicko's.

Note the relaxation.

Her recliner is an infant seat and her brewsky is the finest moo juice money can buy. The picture was made on my phone cam, so it's small and of dubious quality, but you can see the serious relaxation going on.

This is "Wibby" (Libby). If you ask her what her name is, she will tell you "Wibbywoo" (LibbyLoo) or "O-wibbia" (Olivia) if she's feeling formal. But mainly, she's Wibby. Her best friend's name is "Woocus" (Lucas).

Yesterday, she was playing house in her room with her baby dolls and her kitchen set. All the babies were in their high chairs and Wibby was cooking dinner. She had called me in to see what she was doing. I noticed a familiar cloud of stink in the room, (loaded pull ups)and I asked her "What's that stinky smell in here?" She didn't even look up, she just kept right on playing, but in a little sing-song knowing voice, she said "I bet Wibby stinks."

That is a safe bet, around here. She doesn't want to poo in the potty chair. She just won't. I hope she turns the corner on this one soon. We're going to have to get some kind of irresistable reward that can only be had when she produces poo in the potty chair. She's crafty though. She'll probably raid the cat pan for proxy-poo so she can obtain the prize without doing the deed.

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