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2007-08-19 - 3:38 p.m.

Before I get into my little story of the day... today is my sister's birthday. If you wish to spread a little birthday love, go here --> myramains. It is also Bill Clinton's birthday, so I guess you could go out and commit some kind of a sexual misdeed in his honor or something, but that's only if you are reeeeally feeling the birthday vibe.



So there I was at work on Friday... minding my own business. My wealthy and generous "benefactor" had to leave town a little earlier than expected. But he appparently thought everything through, because somewhere before lunch time, I received an overnighted package with 2 VIP tickets to the Family Values Tour inside it! Woot!!

It was too short notice to find someone to go with me, but I was utterly undaunted and went anydamnway. A lot of my co-workers are older, and the one girl I like to hang out with the most is a timid little bunny of a girl and she wouldn't go to a KoRn concert. I tried to talk her into it but it seems she could not quite picture herself at a KoRn concert. I don't know what she thinks goes on there, but she wasn't having any. All my undatables were out of pocket.

I had a great time, the concert was awesome, and KoRn rocks more than anyone has ever rocked before. (Ok, Tool rocks that much too. And Seether. And some others, but you get the gist.) Jonathan looked great. Fieldy looked great too. Turns out, he is a good looking guy. He used to be a lot overweight, he lost it, and he looks like a whole new person. Munky looked kinda rough. hehe. But he played the hell out some guitar. Evanescence was very good. Flyleaf was ok, but they are still rough. Their sound is a little distorted. It's probably the difference in really expensive equipment and what a newer band can afford. I mean, their set was really loud and you couldn't get the nuances of the songs because of the distortion and just a cluttering of noise. Atreyu did their thing. I missed most of their set trying to get to the restroom and then waiting half an eternity through a line to get a cup of ice and a frozen strawberry daquiri.

They were going to stick me up for $3.50 just for a cup of ice. They were selling ice cups for a buck, but it was a tiny cup. I said I wanted a big cup of ice. The guy said he could put the ice in the big cup, but would have to charge me what that size drink would cost, which was $3.50. So I said "I'll pay $3.50 for a cup of ice. I just need some ice, ok?" So the guy gave me the big cup and only charged me a buck for it. That was nice. They don't allow you to take anything in there. If I could have been eating ice the whole time, I would not have been hot. It's August, in Houston. They should allow people to bring life saving ice in the place. Greedy Bastids.

But I had a great time. There were lots of other bands, but I just went to see the 4 main ones. The guys sitting next to me smoked so much dope, I hope I don't get tested at work any time soon. They almost got busted. A couple of staff people came up and pointed at them. I was thinking "please god, don't let me get arrested at this concert, but if I do, let it be after KoRn gets done."

I have to get ready and go to Blockbuster. Must return movies and get new ones. See you peeps on the flip side.


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