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2003-08-12 - 5:29 p.m.


There is a patch of land near where I live that looks like the land before time. There is kudzu growing rampantly all over the shacks, fences, street signs, bums, you name it. Ok, not bums. Cause we are fresh outta bums.

The vines grow very fast and take on all kinds of recognizable shapes. It's sort of like looking for animal shapes in the clouds.

There's this one cluster of trees that gets covered over every summer and it takes on the distinct shape of Mr. Snuffelupagus. My picture of the snuffeluppagus kudzoofuggus was one of the first images I uploaded to D-Land, but I just didn't get around to writing about it.


proofrok beat me to it. But it's all good cause we cool like that.

Here is my picture of Snuffy for you to behold:


I think it's loverly. I know it chokes out the other plants and doesn't play well with its neighbors, but it's pretty.

Ah nature...

I can't wait for Autumn. It is my favorite season. I have happy plans for this fall too. I'm going to a spa in Hot Springs, Arkansas. I LOVE to go to the spa. You have to get buck ass nekkid in front of the spa workers, but hey, what's a little nudity amongst friends? I get massages, facials, mineral baths and it's heavenly, fully observed nakedness notwithstanding.

Actually, I was a little nervous about that whole shuck-down-in-front-of-several-strangers concept, but once I did it, I was comfortable, because I realized those ladies see an endless stream of nekkid folks all day every day and they have seen it all. They are trained to not stare at your business. Wouldn't it be funny to get a job at a spa like that and then inappropriately stare at everyone's privates until someone told on you and see how long it takes to get fired?

That's high humor to me, but sometimes my sense of humor is not well received by persons in authority.

I think my next entry is going to be about Hot Springs and the spa. I want to dig up some pics to give you the full effect.

Today, I shamelessly mooched a dinner off the ladies who cook at my hospital. They made some really good turkey and dressing for lunch, and I asked them not to throw away the left overs, because I would like to take some home. So when I was leaving, they hooked me up with a to go box. Nice little old lunch ladies. I'm going to go heat that stuff up right now.

I'll see you birds later.

I JUST NOTICED THAT MY GUESTBOOK AND STUFF IS COVERED UP. I guess it's because I loaded this giant ass picture on the page in the center. Well, if you want to post to the guestbook, I guess you'll have to go to another entry to find it. :-)

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