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2004-05-04 - 8:32 p.m.

I had another good day today. I found about $35,000.00 for my client today. I just dug down in the couch cushions and came up with some pocket change. I suspect more could be gleaned if I had more time. Next week I'm off to a bigger city and I am looking forward to it.

I dread the getting lost that I know will happen. I wish I could take someone with me. If Corey wasn't working two jobs I'd ask him to come with me. He's the best body guard a girl could ever want.

I'll be down south where we Louisianians keep our serial killers. While I'm typing this, I'm watching a crime show on A&E about Louisiana serial killers. How timely...

My emotions have been up and down today. I had two extremes today. I had this rush of happy because I am doing what I want to do and making good money at it and I am successful and independent. That makes me happy. Most of the day I felt that way.

At lunch, all of a sudden I felt "alone in the world". I think that is a form of self sabotage. It is bullshit that I am alone in the world. I live in a household of 5 people, I have a very close extended family, I could have had a live in boyfriend if I would let him come live with me, but I didn't choose to do that. But I am alone when I am on a trip. I go out with people from work and stuff, but I go to this hotel alone and I know it would be more fun with somebody. I'm wasting a hotel room here, folks. A room and a king size bed with a soft, pillow top mattress.


I also am frequently sabotaged with sad thoughts about Dagget. I still miss him so much every day and I can't really talk about it, so I'll put it here. Sometimes, especially while I'm driving on these road trips, I think about Dagget and feel so sad. I guess that is a normal part of grieving. Sometimes I can't get away from it when I am alone. I guess eventually I won't do this.


squirrelx got married. Go congratulate her. I hope she posts wedding pictures. She deserves to be happy.

I just had a great idea. I should steal something from someone's yard and take it with me on the road, sending ransome notes and pictures of it next to city signs and landmarks from all the places I go.

"iF Y0o eVEr wAnT 2 SeE yOur gArdEN GnOMe aLivE aGaiN, lEAve $3.57 iN A trAsH baG bEhinD tINseltOwn bY 2 pM tHursDaY."

Yeah, yeah, yeah... that's the ticket.

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