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2003-09-01 - 11:43 a.m.


Ah yes! We shall celebrate this day by not performing any labors!

Damn that Adam and Eve for eating the God-forsaken apple in the Garden of Eden!

For in that day, before Scooby ever formed his first Do, there was Adam and there was Eve. All supplies and food items had yea verily, been won. All manner of shelter provided, all manner of clothing, unnecessary. The future was so bright, they had to weareth shades.

But lo, the serpent cometh. He selleth the sales pitch of doom to the unsuspecting Eve, who then persuadeth Adam to also partake and alas, paradise was lost.

HARK! For then Adam rose up and spaketh to the heavens "We would have had it made too, if it weren't for that pesky snake". Whence this declaration had been made, Adam reacheth over to the hissing serpent and raketh his mask from his face revealing none other than Satan, dark angel of light, smiling at his own trickery.

Henceforth, from that time, we mere mortals have had to work for our living, no longer to enjoy the God given provisions which were once abundant in The Garden.

All manner of Ass Trolls, Yeti, and Rich Boy Assholes must be endured lest we starve and be forced from our homes.

Thanks Eve, Adam.... way to go guys. No, really. Good Job.


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