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2006-03-30 - 5:15 p.m.

I am making delicious lasagna right now. I am very happy about this, since I make really, really good lasagna. I simmered the sauce for a long time and layered the ingredients in the huge, deep, pan and the oven is preheating even as I type. Cooking lasagna is something I don't usually have time for, but I do now, because my work schedule is reduced for the moment.

It's spring cleaning time and that is the perfect time of the year to take off work and get some things done. I am not really on vacation, but I am lucky enough to be able to handle one hospital from home and I only have to go to the other place one day a week. That is one hectic-ass day, but I stay till I get it all done, knowing I'm off till next week! Pretty sweet deal.

In the interests of getting a jump on the spring cleaning, I am having a container delivered to the house tomorrow that we fill up with all the stuff that we don't want anymore and this guy is going to cart it all away. We've got all kinds of junk that needs to go. We could have a big garage sale, but I don't know when we will ever get around to that and I'm tired of storing it, so I ordered the container and off it goes. We have big junk, like an old card table that is in too bad a shape to sell. We have a rug that needs to be thrown away. Lots of clothes, shoes, boxes, magazines, etc. Tomorrow I'm going to drag everything out of the kitchen cabinets and sort the things that I use from the stuff I don't. Same with the closets. All my ex's stuff that was out in the garage till he can come get it... guess what? Gone. I stored it since 2000. I think that's long enough.

This is going to be a hard working weekend. We're going to need to be fortified by all this fattening lasagna. And that's why I'm making it. I'm just trying to help get our efforts all organised and make sure we have proper strength.

See how I am?


And caring.

And hungry.

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