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2004-07-07 - 2:45 a.m.

My schedule is so screwed up, it's redonkulous.

Here I am, up at 2:45 am. Not even thinking about being tired. I just got home from the snack trek.

I went to the Shell station because they have these boiled peanuts in a crock pot and you can buy a huge styrofoam cup full of them for a couple of bucks. That was the snack of choice. I wanted those peanuts. I ate half a square of lasagna for dinner and one meatball. So I was hungry in a way that only some boiled peanuts could rectify.

Imagine my grief when I got to the Shell station and it was "closed for stocking". The Texaco across the road was also closed. This was surprising to me, because I thought these were all night joints. I went over to the Mapco, which is an all night truck stop, and of course, they were virtually peanut free. I decided something else salty and bad for me would be the next best choice. Ah... chips and onion dip!

Got em.

I picked up a can of exorbitantly over-priced Alpo for Abby, who was waiting in the car. At the register, I recognized the lady who used to work at the Shell station. She informed me they close down every night at about 2 am for about a half hour. Sure enough, when I drove back by, they were open again. So I went in and got my peanuts after all.

I went to the bank and deposited a check in the ATM. My receipt said my balance was ZERO and this startled me pretty bad, but then I realized the ATM is full of shit. Still, "0" is a bad thing to see next to the words "Your balance" on a bank slip.

After eating all the peanuts I could stand, I have 3/4 of them left over in the fridge. They were salty. Way too salty. They tasted good, but my ankles would swell to the size of Nebraska if I ate any more of them than I did.

The guy working at the gas station tried to give me a 5 dollar bill and a stack of ones as change for a 5 spot. My total was less than 5 bucks and he handed me this big wad of bills. I said "Uh.... that's not right" and he said "Yes. I'm giving you all this" I stood there looking confused until he took it back. I don't know if he was on drugs, or just trying to be really nice, but either way, I wasn't about to take the money.


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