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2004-01-29 - 10:23 p.m.


Employees of my hospital are bailing left and right, like RATS off a sinking ship!

I only wish I had a great full time job offer or a big client account so I could quit too.

Here's the fall-out as of quitting time today:

They fired the Human Resources lady and the Social Worker. The Receptionist / Billing Clerk quit, followed by the Head of Maintenance, the Business Office Manager, and the Certified OT Assistant. The PT Assistant is looking for another job and plans to quit ASAP, the head of maintenance has a brother who works there, but will probably quit, my assistant, Newman, is going to see if there are any job openings closer to where she lives, and I am going on a consulting gig with the intention that if I get offered a job, I'm leaving too.

We already lost our Director of Nurses, and our good, dependable nurses. The asshole owner who is trying to turn over the whole staff is getting his wish. But I don't think they intended to lose them all at once.

It's officially a mass exodus.

I don't even care anymore. I'm "just don't caring". My Doctor friend came in to talk today and he told me to be looking for another job. He said that he and our other top doctor talked about me in the Wednesday meeting and pointed out to the asshole hospital owner that I am doing 4 jobs and the things I do secures their financial bottom line, so they should not mess with me, but he said he couldn't tell if it did any good. He said the ass-munch owner that wants to get rid of everyone is just mad that I negotiated for the salary I wanted instead of taking the pittance he thinks he should pay.

I don't know why they didn't can me first. It could be that they do understand how fucked they are if they lose me. Or maybe they are trying not to piss off the doctors. I don't know.

I do know that if the 2 owners and the administrator have 1 brain cell between 'em, they'd better not get rid of me while everything else is up in the air.

I got another massage today and it was heaven. I'm going back Tuesday. My massage therapist said I have a "happy energy". I am happy in the midst of the shit storm, because I know everything is going to be ok. I don't even care if I lose my job anymore, because they are shitty to work for and I can make money lots of other places.

So color me "not worried".

I was thinking about how much nicer it would be to be a massage therapist instead of doing my kind of work. Massage therapy is so wonderful and the environment is low stress and really helps people. My job carries a lot of responsibility and my credentials require a lot of upkeep.

I'm rambling.

Good night.

I'm planning a funny entry for tomorrow I think. I'll do a work update too. In case anyone is following the saga. Heeeeeeee

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