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2005-01-05 - 11:16 p.m.

Well, my room was unlocked again when I got back to the hotel tonight. So much for the promises that it would never happen again. I complained again... more profuse apologies were given... and more promises about tomorrow. I'm glad there's a safe in the room.

Life is swell. I went to dinner with a lady who works for the same medical management company as me and she put both our dinners on her expense account. She said she charges every single one of her dinners to the company. I haven't been doing that. I was shocked enough that they are paying for my fabulous suite week after week and paying me mileage to come to work. Can it be that I don't even have to pay for my own food??? Does God love me, or WHAT?

I'm a lucky duck.

Sometimes I'm a lonely duck. I spend so much of my life alone since I've been traveling full time. I come to this hotel and stay here all week every week, by myself for the most part. I brought my grandma up here one night last week and Bink came up one time to stay over with me. I know I have people who love me, but sometimes I feel sort of alone in the world. At other times, I love the aloneness. If I had someone waiting for me at home, I'd be unhappy with the traveling aspect of my job and I really need to get while the getting is good, so it wouldn't be in my best interests for me to suddenly hate traveling.

I have the feeling that I am doing exactly what I should be doing at this point in my life. I have progressed to a very nice situation and I feel like everything is working out to my benefit in an almost magical way. It certainly does go along with my astrological outlook for this year. Jupiter is in my sign for most of 2005 and this brings a very lucky aspect. Things are paying off that I set up a long time ago. The things I worried about with taking this position have worked themselves out. It's pretty amazing.

I have some free advice for anyone who wants to take it: Think about what you want out of life. Think about where you'd like to be one day and tell the universe what it is you want to see manifested in your life. Things have a way of happening, once you throw it out there. You have to work for the things you want, but don't be limited by what you think is available to you. Too many people are limited by their own self limiting perceptions.

I used to marvel at the number of people with my exact education who were not confident enough to try to be a Director of medical records. So they stayed a clerk, or a coder, or an assistant. I wanted to be the boss and my second job in the field was a Directorship. Now I marvel at the number of people with my exact education who are content to just be a Director, when they could be a consultant, or a corporate boss.

I've had some rocky times along the old career path. Some not too long ago. But every job I have had has been a step up. It's all been a journey and a learning experience. Even the awful times taught me some valuable stuff.

'Nuff pontificating and rambling forth.

Just, don't be somebody's assistant for your whole life. Get a dream and start working it. You can go farther than you think. Unless you're a tard. Then, you're screwed.
Did I mess up the warm fuzzy moment?

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