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2005-08-03 - 8:04 p.m.

I just read thedailyWTF, which is always a very entertaining read. She lifted this idea from someone else's blog just like I'm lifting it from hers: Make a list of 100 things you like in no particular order. Avoid the obvious (significant other, cake...) and be completely honest with yourself. If you try to think of things that you are curious about and inspired by, you'll end up discovering a lot about yourself and in doing so developing a sort of bank of your interests and ideas.

Here's my list:

1. The smell of dirt. The kind of dirt that gathers on a car.
2. Technology
3. Being independent
4. Antagonizing children
5. All things astrology
6. Information
7. Using knowledge to break new ground in my career field.
8. The windiness that happens right before a storm.
9. Books
10. Getting a massage
11. Greek food
12. Those really super soft socks
13. Sleeping naked
14. Fine linens with a high thread count.
15. Total darkness
16. Loud music
17. Clouds. I like to think about cumulus, stratus, and cirrus clouds.
18. My intuition
19. Vivid colors and, um, crayons.
20. Carnations
21. Blogging
22. A clean slate or new beginning
23. My sexeh drawz
24. My freedom
25. Pillows
26. My cell phone
27. Magazines
28. Candles
29. Pumpkins
30. Autumn
31. Things that taste tangy.
32. Foreign accents
33. Intelligent people
34. Opportunity in general
35. Having lots of options
36. Show - 6 Feet Under. (Damn them)
37. Lancome Hypnose mascara
38. Shopping at "The Villa" in Hot Springs.
39. All my memories of Germany
40. Being spontaneous
41. People that make me laugh
42. Bath and Body Works "Blue Spa" line. Every item in it.
43. Especially the shea butter soap in the giant 8 dollar bar.
44. Castles
45. Renaissance period art
46. Hot drinky stuff like Capuccino, spiced chai tea, and mulled cider
47. The number 6
48. Hummingbirds
49. Cherries
50. My job
51. My special christmas ornaments
52. Fine silverware
53. Bubble bath
54. Nice paper
55. Ink pens, ink pens, and more ink pens
56. Cats
57. DVR recorder
58. Art supplies
59. Ceramics and paints
60. Paisley designs on things
61. Luv pats underwear
62. unusually shaped glass bottles
63. Things made out of green glass
64. Special dishes, like pasta bowls
65. My peach skin blanket with goose down filling
66. Temperatures cool enough to make that blanket necessary.
67. The smell of rain
68. Crown moulding
69. Silky nightgowns with no lace or itchy stuff
70. Pretty bras. No white ones, no plain ones.
71. Going barefooted
72. Pretty containers
73. Purses with lots of compartments
74. Watches
75. The internet
76. Broadband connection
77. Being the only one at work who can fix the network when it goes down.
78. Free stuff that I get from Lancome for buying their ungodly expensive mascara.
79. Ebay
80. The old Seether CD I had to get from Ebay cause you can't buy it in stores.
81. Deep bowls. No shallow bowls.
82. Pete's forum. Incredipedro.com - The incredi-forum.
83. Old pictures
84. Damn this is hard
85. Books-a-million and Barnes & Noble
86. Other Libras
87. Richard Jeni "Platypus Man".
88. Pike's Peak
89. Curel lotion, unscented
90. Traveling
91. Knowing I can do anything I want, within the law.
92. Meteor showers
93. Hot Springs weekends
94. Anything haunty/spooky/weird
95. D-Land friends - no matter where I go, this is still my address.
96. Air-conditioning
97. Moolah
98. Soft & Dri original scent
99. Valium (only when I'm sad)
100. My digital camera

Whew. Yep, that's me in a nutshell. Notice mine is heavy on technology and on "being". I have a lot of intangible things on this list. Surprising for an empirical girl such as myself.

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