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2007-09-17 - 10:51 a.m.

For today's entry, I want to tell you what I have been through in the last 2 days. It's been hahrable...just haaahhrable. I was home for the weekend. It was Libby's birthday and all that good stuff... and I was trying to get on the road between 2:30 and 3 pm, yesterday. I was loading my car up, got everything in but my overnight bag and my laptop, and I accidentally shut my keys in the frickin trunk of the car. There was no getting in there.

I was forced to call pop a lock, and just wait for my ass-raping.

They told me the dude was at the mall opening a car and would be to my house within 25 minutes. An hour later, he was someplace else, opening a car, but I was really really next... then at almost 4 pm, he was at walmart, but I was next! So they show up around 4pm and can't open my trunk. The car has security features that make it scream like a bitch if you compromise the locks and get in without a key. This also causes the trunk release to stop working, so even after the guy fucked up my paint, jimmying my door, we couldn't get into the trunk where the keys were.

He said any day of the week except Sunday, they can open a trunk lock. The ludicrosity of that statement caused me to behave in a rude manner. He's lucky I didn't beat him down like Mr. Nameless Repairman, whom I jumped on and wrestled down one time in my checkered past.

So... I was stranded. Foiled. Stuck like chuck. I had to tuck my tail and call the boss to admit that I locked my keys in the trunk of my car. But on the upside, I got an extra day to my weekend. W00T.

Dude said he would make sure I was first in line on Monday morning and the locksmith would open my car. So this morning at 7 am they woke me up. I am always overjoyed to be awakened early, as I am a happy morning bird. ::flat stare::

The guy wasn't even here yet. They were just waking me up on the phone for some reason. I went back to sleep and got re-awakened at 7:30, which was just...so cool.

The guy had shown up and determined that he was not the guy for the job. He left the car door wide open and drove off. He did not send another guy. I found this out when I got up at 9 am. My car door was still wide open, and no one around. So I called pop a lock and they sent a guy out and now, at 10 am the day after I called them, I have my keys out of the trunk.

Oh... I wish I could make the next pop a lock commercial. Here's the copy for it: "I was in a hurry, so I called pop a lock! They had me back behind the driver's wheel in just 19 hours!!"

Then they charged me 45 bucks. So you're pissed cause you did something stupid and then they stick it to you after they bail your dumb ass out.

It's called stupid tax.

I'm all paid up for today.

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