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2006-12-15 - 11:51 a.m.

Another crazy week down.

Did I do any christmas shopping yet?

Still no.

Must shop this weekend. That's it. Have to.

I'm so tired. During this whole week, I have had enough sleep to make up one good nights' sleep. This is my own fault. I am the one who stays up all night on the game. ::Sigh:: I will make up for lost sleep on the weekend. Or I'll play a helluva lotta game. Either way, THANK GOD IT'S FRIDAY!!!!

I have a long, lonnnnng drive ahead of me. It somehow takes longer to get home than it takes to get here. I'm in Texas today. Oh, I have to swing by and get a check for some people. I need to hurry up and get gone.

Prince Charming did not show up. Maybe he is passive aggressive as well as an asshole. Too bad he's so damn cute and fun when he does show up. I won't want to kick him to the curb when he shows up again. Plus he did something hot to his look, and I want to play with him a little before I throw him over. I'm losing all hope for that situation though. He's an inconsiderate jackass. A devastatingly cute one.

I miss my crazy boy. I wrote him an email to try to get him to come back in-game. I think I broke his heart. He saw that I was with my new guy and he has not been in the game at all since then. I hope he comes back. He was fun. Wild, crazy, infuriating, psychotic fun. The bestest kind.

I must leave this place now. I have driving to do. Take care. See you cats on the upswing.


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