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2006-01-25 - 9:23 p.m.

It's about time I posted a new entry. I am OFF WORK for the rest of this week!!! I'm so happy about that. I'm going out of town for Thursday and Friday. There will be much outlet mall shopping and fancy restaurant patronage going on. I will not be taking any business attire. I am accompanying the Binkster to take her state board exam for massage therapy licensing. (Spark any memories, Siann?)

Here's some scoop: We got a new Big Cheese at work. He didn't realize what I do for the company and how extraordinarily good I am at it. I am paid more than most of the employees there, so he had decided I was... brace yourself... overpaid. When someone starts talking about my money in a menacing fashion, only one of two things can usually happen. I find a new job, or I go postal.

This time, I did neither. I can't say much about this here, in case of discovery, but Mr. NewBoss opened up a can of worms by asking me to track what I actually do for them financially. You know... to "justify" my salary. He said this will have a positive impact on my income *if* I am able to show him on paper, some good numbers. Of course the other side of that coin is that if I fail to show him something really good, I could get a reduction.

So far, I have been able to show him more than 10 grand that I directly made for the company since less than a week ago. This is money that no one else would have come up with, because I am the only one who understands all the complexities of the payment system. I suspect I will hit 10K a week, more often than not. Once I have tracked this for a while, they will have to adjust my pay upwards. So yay. Go me. I like money.

Of course, I could still somehow blow it and become homeless. That's what my stomach was telling me earlier in the week. I have a lot of security issues. But hey... I feel better now and in fact, I now feel sure that if these people try anything jankey, I can take my marbles and go someplace else to play.

Life is good. Except for when it sucks.

Mood today: Happy.

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