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2006-04-10 - 8:29 p.m.

So here's the appalling story of what's happening in my world right now:

The job I do brings money to my employer. Lots and lots of $$$money$$$. They can get paid without my expertise, but they will get much, much less. This is because I am an expert at working the payment system. When I first came there I found almost 100K that they had missed in just 60 days worth of billings. I resubmitted all their codes and got them a super happy extra payday that they never would have even known they missed if I had not come along and fixed it for them.

After that, I took a full time job with them so I could code every case myself and work with the doctors and other clinical people to make sure each aspect of the payment system is maximized. It's been a pretty beautiful relationship until recently. I'm the only one in the company that understands the payment system. I'm the only one who knows how to use the software and to transmit to medicare. I'm their lifeline to the money.

You'd think they would want to protect their relationship with me at all costs.

There has been a heavy turnover in personnel because of the jackassery of the owners. We've had 5 different administrations in place during the past year. We've been investigated numerous times due to non-payment of vendors and other compliance issues.

Somehow the owner has seen fit to appoint an abrasive little shitheel accountant into the top job of the company. This yokel thinks he's God's boss and thinks he should not be bothered over boring concepts like "reality" and "doing the right thing".

So this assmunch has decided that he can go back 4 months and disallow my expenses over some technicality that he invented for the purpose of dodging their legitimate debt. He thinks he is reducing the overhead. This is money they have owed me for 6 months and it totals over 8K. I'm not letting go.

I have been hammering him with requests to send me my money and he has repeatedly lied, broken his worthless word, and generally failed to pay me what I am owed. Therefore, I am going to have to take action against them.

The first thing I am going to do is hold up their cashflow. I shall accomplish this by not sending in any billing tomorrow. They are expecting me to send in about 80K worth of billings. But I'm not going to do that. It's ironic that they owe me 8K and they want me to help them get 80K. Coincidentally, they are going to wait for exactly 10 times as much money as they have been making me wait for. Karma is sweet.

I hope the weasel that's withholding my money dares to ask me about it. He told me I can't have my expense money because the reports are not signed and he has "implemented a new policy and procedure" that states all unsigned expense reports are not going to be paid. I've never had to have mine signed. It's something he has just suddenly pulled out of his oversized ass to throw down as a roadblock.

So when he asks me about the billing that is now a week behind... I'm going to tell him I've "implemented a new policy". I can only turn in billing when I have been compensated for all monies owed to me. As much as it *hurts* my heart for the company to not receive their payment on time, I just can't step outside the new policy and send in those bills before I get paid, so I'm really hoping they can do something about getting me paid quickly so there won't be too much of a cash flow stoppage.

That is about when they will fire me.

But at this point, I am not so much caring about burning that bridge. If they fire me, I will go directly to the government officials that can shut them down. We are already skating on the thinnest frickin ice you can imagine. We're operating under a partial license due to a revoking of our full license a few months ago and I don't think they are going to rule in our favor with a new complaint being lodged. I don't think they should be fucking with me.

Gosh, wouldn't it be sad if they lost their entire operation over an 8,000 dollar debt? It sure would be cheaper and easier to pay me.

Too bad there's a dumbass in charge! He might prefer nursing his pride over working for the well-being of the company. That would be a big, fat, pig-headed shame for them.

In addition to the state smackdown, there will be a lawsuit, which I will win, because they owe me the money fair and square. They will have to pay the court costs and everything. There's no way they will win the case.

An added bonus is that if they fail to pay me what they owe me, I will turn over a list of over 75 vendors they have screwed out of money plus a shorter list of important vendors that they owe a fortune to right now. Vendors that will turn off our lights, phones, meds, and other vital necessities if they fail to pay.

I also am drafting a list of known non-compliance issues that I am aware of. They are breaking the law 9 ways from Sunday and I can name 'em all. I will inform the government so thoroughly, that the sheisters will have no hope of hiding anything. I'll tell them exactly where to look for the broken rules. I will leave no mossy rock unturned.

If they choose to not pay me and thus bring down the wrath of an angry God upon themselves, they may find themselves unable to pay back their debt. This will cause a bankruptcy to occur. In the event of a bankruptcy, any individual with some money and a bright idea can approach the bank with a reorganization plan and if accepted by the bank... that individual has bought themselves a shiny used hospital.

That, ladies and gentlemen, is how a hostile takeover is carried out.

It gets better...

The crooks owing me the money have an arch enemy. That arch enemy is just waiting for them to file bankruptcy. If my current employer is dumb enough to fall for it, he could refuse to pay me and end up losing his business over it.

Can you imagine being stupid enough to withhold 8K from a deserving employee who can cause a shitstorm like this to befall your empire?

They should know that I know where all the bodies are hidden. They should know I can control their cashflow or their lack of one.

If I were them, I'd fucking pay me.

PS: When I said "An angry God", I was in fact referring to the concept of a displeased diety and not saying that I myself, am God. Had to clarify, since my sister read the entry and thought I was getting a God complex. hehe

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