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2005-11-30 - 9:24 p.m.

If you read my entry yesterday, you will not be surprised to find out that I did not miss my chiropractic appointment today. I needed to know if Sparky was going to continue the flirtation or act like nothing happened.

You be the judge:

When I went in, the female chiro received me and was taking me to the roller tables. For those of you who don't go to chiropractors, they have these cool padded tables with a vibrating roller inside it that rolls up and down your spine. It loosens up the spine and gets it ready to be adjusted. Dr. Feelgood runs in like it's a drug bust, elbows lady doctor out of the way and says "I'll take this one, you take that one" and shoves her lightly in the direction of some other patient.

Then he chatted with me a little about how I did after yesterdays' rather forceful adjustment. When he got me all situated on the table, he said "Open your hand". I did, and he set a small remote control in it. I said "What's this?" and he said "If you need some heat, just push that button". Then he took a few steps away and then stopped and turned back towards me to say "Oh wait, you don't need that. You're plenty hot without it."

Crikey. Definitely flirting. No querstion about it. Maybe he flirts with everyone. Who knows?

So after the roller tables, we went into the adjusting room and he adjusted the hell out of me. hehe. Just kidding, sort of. We were chatting and he.. uh... sort of barked at me... twice. He actually barked. Seriously. It was like a sexy growl with a couple of woof-woof barks following it. He then gave me a very nice neck adjustment and another spinal adjustment and then he repeated yesterdays' provocative move. It was a sort of boyfriendy kind of thing to do. Totally inappropriate behavior for a doc to a patient, but ok between closer friends...

I think he is going through a bit of a crisis in his life. Like, he's flaking out a little and wants to cheat on his old, homely, battle axe of a wife. I'm wondering if he is going to just keep flirting with me indefinitely or come right out and proposition me. That remains to be seen.

Stay tuned, Gentle Reader, stay tuned.

And if you are just eaten up with curiosity about the provocative move, drop me an email and I'll probably tell you. hehe.

You don't even have to sit on your cat and then confess it in order to get me to tell. (you know who you are)

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