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2004-09-04 - 10:43 p.m.

The Edge of Madness meeting went pretty well. We had a costume fitting. My costume looks like a peasant woman outfit. I have this big flouncy off-white peasant blouse with a black velvet corset that laces up tight and pushes the girls up and out the top of my dress. There is a red damask-like skirt and I have a hooded robe thingy to wear over the top of it.

A teenage guy told me my costume was "hot".

Go me.

I'll tell you what was hot. Wearing that get up in September in a warehouse with sub-par air conditioning for an extended length of time while I waited on the top level and therefore the warmest section of the building, to be "air-brushed". THAT was hot.

Then it was decided that my makeup needs to be more theatrical than the air-brushing would be able to provide. The air-brushing works great for zombies. That was pretty good. I was willing to be painted if I had to. I've always expected that I would do my own makeup though. I didn't know whether to go scary or just extreme. The makeup artist said it would be good for me to do very extravagant makeup and really play up my eyes and mouth. I have some ideas. I will probably wear cat eye contacts, too. I might wear a veil to hide a voice changer box. I think that would be good and would help me hide who I am more. I'm sort of shy and the more I can disguise myself, the better I'll feel.

I wish they would get me a bad looking little Igor type side kick that I could treat really badly. I'm thinking if they'll let me have the midget, it would be a perfect world. There is a "little person" who is there every year and he would be perfect for what I have in mind. I could kick him around, order him to his corner, order him to go get me three fingers for my potion, then he could go through the line of people and try to grasp their fingers. The midget scares the shit out of everyone. He scares me every year. In fact, he scares me so bad that I don't even look at him. I try to play it off, like I'm not scared. They don't chase you if you don't seem scared.

Ok. I'm ready to do this.

It's a good thing I'm ready, since the deal goes down in 20 days. I cannot believe it.

The park looks great. We have a haunted Bates Motel looking structure, a big spooky insane asylum, and the castle. It's fantastic. I will try to get some pictures to post. Myra designed the Haunted Manor and the Asylum. We supplied the ideas for the gypsy fortune teller that I am, and the vampire cave.

The Vampire cave is cool, because there are vampires hanging from the rafters and skulls in cages hanging from the ceiling in there.

My area is just off the vampire cave. I have a rickety little shack. It will have an eerie glow, they've made me a crystal ball that lights up and has a cloudy swirling effect, and there will be shelves behind me with jars full of eyeballs and eye of newt and what have you. People will come in if they dare and get their fortunes read. All the fortunes are terrible and ghastly. I wrote em.

Myra was holding the flash light and she saw me barely miss touching a huge real spider with my head. I would have died a thousand deaths if that thing had gotten on me. We were both about ready to go after we saw that spider. It was huge and it looked hard. Like it would really crunch if someone stepped on it. YUCK!!

We don't need the reality scares. We are scared enough of the fake stuff.

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