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2006-08-25 - 5:34 p.m.

I took the lonnnnng way to work today. Some kind of an ammunition plant exploded yesterday between Shreveport and home and the interstate was totally blocked off for miles and miles. I had to exit the interstate at the not quite halfway point and follow a many miles long detour that had no signs to let me know which way to go. On top of that, the traffic was bumper to bumper and slower than christmas.

But I got there.

I was done with my work within an hour of arrival. So I went over to the Behavioral hospital to slap Winnie the Werewolf, the homely little HR troll who needs a good face pounding, and the bitch left early, so I didn't get a chance to stop her world today, but she's on top of my shit list for next Tuesday and I will write all the grizzly details into a satisfying rant next Tuesday evening. If she knows I'm gunning for her, she won't be there Tuesday, but I'll get her sooner or later.

How would you like to hear something nice for a change?

I recently received a very nice letter from the poor guy I left at the alter once upon a time. He said a lot of very nice things about me and my family and he is not bitter at all after I ruined his life temporarily way back when. Nice guy. He turned out well and is happily married to someone who sounds like a wonderful person. He is really lucky I ditched him. I'm hell on wheels.

Anyways... he said that a piece of his heart still belongs to me and always will. He also said that I was the standard he measured all other women by. (yikes) And he married someone who reminded him of me. (yikes x 2) And he has sent me several really lengthy emails and one big pdf file. (yikes squared) haha. I think he is coming 100% from a friendship angle. No funny stuff. Dude said I was "an extroverted, WILD party girl" back in the day. Here I was thinking I was somewhat shy and reserved. People always scoff when I refer to myself as shy and reserved. What up wit dat? Perhaps my perception is somewhat different from everyone else's, huh?

It has been interesting finding out what all has happened since I talked to him last. He said some really sweet things about my parents. He said their marriage was the model of what kind of marriage he was hoping to have someday. My parents are very lovey (after all these years) and they get along well. They are a rarity these days, for sure.

I didn't tell homey about my blog or myspace.

I must hurry up and get going. We're going out for Greek food. Yay.

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