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2003-09-04 - 8:42 p.m.


This morning, I decided that monkeys at the zoo have it made. They don't have to worry much about their careers. They get up, groom somebody, fling a little poo, enjoy a few nanners... ya know... nothing too taxing. Generally a much better deal than I've got going.

So I went out to our local zoo and I climbed into the monkey cage and sat there all afternoon, grooming Boffo. Now I have a whole new understanding of the phrase "full as a tick". Hooooo buddy, don't he have the ticks and fleas.

So after about 6 hours of that, I remembered that I'm allergic to bananas, and since bananas are about the best treat that gets dumped into the monkey cage, I cleverly thought "f*** this".

And then I left.

The end.

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