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2005-03-17 - 7:48 p.m.

I observed something quite amazing at dinner tonight. I eat at the buffet downstairs in the casino every night now because I can take the low carb stuff and ignore the starchy comfort food that I'd really rather have.

Have you ever noticed that you NEVER tire of the starchy carbs and sweets, but you get damn sick and tired of baked chicken and any other food deemed "allowable" when you're on a diet???

Ok, that wasn't the amazing observation I made at dinner. That's a non-amazing fact of life that I live with every day.

But anywaaaayyyy...

I was sitting there, eating the bedamned chicken, when I noticed something crazy at the next table. There was a family at the next table and the mom was a rather flashy looking latino lady who was wearing an outfit several sizes too small and a pair of silvery strappy sandals. I guess I was looking at her outfit and somehow my eyes landed on the strappy sandal.

Girlfriend had a crazy toe, just sitting on the top of her foot, like it was trying for a better view. The toe was not only placed wrong on the foot, but it was a TINY toe. A wee miniature of the other toes. It was crazy. I think it was EXTRA. I don't know. I'm still confused, but that toe was supposed to be tucked under a high riding strap, but it came out every now and then, like it had a mind of its own, and it would stand straight out and probe at the air.

I shit you not.

It was popping out every now and then, and it was standin up high and looking around. Like a prairie dog.

If I were an old lady, I would have said "Hey Toots.... you don't mind if I call ya Toots, do ya Toots? Anyway Toots, What the hell is up with that crazy toe? It's distracting me. Take off the shoe... let me see the rest of em. Don't be shy Toots! We're all girls here. 'Cept the boys."

Old people sometimes lack the sense of appropriateness that keeps the rest of us from saying whatever hits the top of our brains. I think it might be the highlight of old age.

So listen toots, keep all your toes under control. K?

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