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2004-01-29 - 2:59 p.m.


I missed most of the workday on Wednesday and all Hell broke loose while I was gone. Two department heads were fired. This morning our receptionist / billing clerk / everything quit her job and announced sheís starting a new job today. More on that laterÖ

Then I found out our Billing Office Manager is outta here like last nightís mashed potatoes. She left at lunchtime and is not coming back. She is pissed off because her mom is the Human Resources Director who got fired yesterday. Our head of Maintenance is quitting. Our case manager / social worker was one of the two fired people yesterday. All told, 4 department heads are lost in 2 days.

I am a department head, and I could be next for all I know. I feel relatively safe, because they only meant to fire two people, but instead they lost 4, and they have to keep some people in place who know how to do things around here. Tonight is our Medical Executive Committee meeting and the person who records and transcribes it is not going to be here. Ever again. And thatís funny!

And she didnít do her reports for the meeting.

And itís a quarterly meeting, not just a monthly, so they are triple screwed.

Hereís some background: Our hospital started out great. Everything was looking so successful. We had a lot of really good, dependable, professionals in place who had the experience and knowledge to do things right. Our hospital did the unthinkable, and made a PROFIT from DAY 1. That is practically unheard of in opening new hospitals. Especially small ones. Then they got greedy.

AnywayÖ They made the colossal mistake of letting one of the two owners become ridiculously enmeshed with operations. He has decided we all make too much money and we all need to be replaced or at least receive a paycut. He totally screwed up the morale here. He is very bitter, hateful, and punitive. Not to mention small-minded, shortsighted, and inexperienced in hospital operations. His method of management is all about punitive action and threats. Every time he comes here, he calls a meeting in which he tells us all off and accuses us of stealing from him in some way. I honestly think he is pathologically paranoid. He is deeply disturbed at the idea of someone getting 5 extra minutes on his time clock or something.

He presented a new salary list that is so low that he will have a hard time finding people who will work for it, and he said he wonít cut the pay of the people who already work here, but as we leave, he plans to replace us with cheaper workers. He is committing business suicide. He has gotten rid of about half his staff of solid professionals and has replaced them by spreading out their work among the ones who are left. He has hired a couple of cheaper workers. When he succeeds at turning over the whole staff and replacing us all with cheap labor, this hospital is doomed. Blowhole isnít smart enough to understand that the success of the facility depends wholly on the job we do here. Saving money on his payroll wonít help him when this hospital loses itís good standing in the community.

A few days ago, the administrator wrote up every employee who clocked in after 8:00, because we all clock in at about 8:03 or 8:04. They set the time clock 6 minutes fast so if you are on time, they can call you late. Almost everyone got wrote up. Itís the little things that make working here so special.

Those who have not already been fired, are pissed off to the extent that no one cares about this place anymore. Morale is SHOT, people. I am staying until I find a better opportunity or they fire me. I am not worried. Whatever way it goes, it just goes. I am comfortable with my salary and the location of this office, but I have way too many responsibilities for one person to complete and thereís no way I can get everything done. Eventually, they will accuse me of not getting all my work done, ĎCAUSE ITíS IMPOSSIBLE.

Hereís another example of why this hospital is going down: Our receptionist, who quit this morning, quit because she was wrongly suspended for 3 days without pay. She used the 3 days to get another job and now weíre screwed, cause nobody knows how to do what she does here. Hahaha. Hereís the crazy ass reason she got suspended: One of our housekeepers had an emergency in her family. Her grown daughter, in California, had a massive heart attack. This poor lady needed her paycheck one day early. She asked, and they told her NO. (Can you feature that?) So the receptionist, being compassionate, gave the lady some of her own money and talked to one of the two owners of our hospital about this ladyís situation. (She talked to the nice one, not the asshole.) Mr. Nice Owner told her to take 150 bucks out of petty cash and give it to the woman. When the administrator found out about it, he was mad that she went over his head to the owner and suspended her. Big boo-boo, cause she got pissed, quit her job, and now weíre screwed. Hahaha.

Itís all funny to me, because I canít care anymore. I just canít care. Iíll work here as long as it is possible and seems like a good idea. But it is just a matter of time till this place goes down. It might take a couple of years, but it canít last long with the idiot owner being allowed to run amok and ruin things. The owners should stay home and be owners and let the professionals run the hospital.

Meanwhile I was called today and offered a consulting job in another town. It will be a one-day audit for 500 bucks and these people own other hospitals, so hopefully it will lead to more work. I hope to get enough clients that I can just do consulting work, full time. Iíll be alright, whichever way it goes.

Itís going to be interesting to see what happens when half the reports are missing for MEC meeting and the recorder / typist is not there. Hahaha

We may end up with a mass exodus here.

It's turning into quite a soap opera.

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