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2004-08-28 - 1:22 a.m.

I may not have clarified in my last entry that part of my meeting was about whether or not I would consider relocating to Lafayette.

There are two or three drawbacks to moving down there. For one thing, it is even closer to the equator and therefore hotter and even more humid than the town I live in now. For another thing, I hate the idea of moving away from my family. I like being able to see all my loved ones whenever I feel like it. My house could be a problem. If I sell it, where will Bink live? And if I don't sell it, I am supporting 2 households. Maybe I'll rent it to Myra.

Anyhooooooo... there are some really good aspects to the idea of moving there and the more I think about it, the more I like it. Here are some of the finer points:

I could get a really nice apartment that no one has ever lived in yet. There is a fancy new complex being built right now. It's a gated community and it's on the same street the home office is located on. It would be convenient and luxurious - two of my favorite things.

I looked at Lafayette with new eyes yesterday. They have everything. I was checking out the businesses and restaurants and they have everything we've got plus a lot of stuff we don't have in this area.

Lafayette is closer to New Orleans by a long shot, so I could easily get to big events. Everybody plays N. O. I could go to the haunted ghost tours and stuff... not to mention astrology shops and stuff.

There are lots of cultural events in Lafayette that we just don't have up here. I could get into a community like that.

If I miss my family, it is still close enough to visit every single weekend.

I think the main boss there doesn't feel he can afford me yet and will probably elect to keep it all on a consulting basis for a few months. They are expecting business to be booming by October, so I could end up moving there by that time or maybe a few months down the road. But this is only going to happen if they offer me a good salary. I ain't trying to struggle. I'm kind of hoping it happens though. It looks like a very fun and exciting thing right now.

Addendum: Wibby has a baby doll that she has named "Pootie Tang". Just thought you should know.

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