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2006-04-19 - 1:21 p.m.

I have started a terrible ruckus at my workplace. Since they still haven't paid me my expense money and they still think all the chips are on their side of the table, I declined to go in yesterday. I'm waiting until Friday, which is payday. This means their claims will not be processed for payment on Tuesday as they expected, causing a 3 day delay in their payment.

3 days people.

They are collectively jumping through their asses in complete hysteria because of a 3 day delay in receiving their money.

I am waiting for money that has been owed to me for 6 months.


That's 3 days times 40. I've been waiting 40 times longer than they have, which they find completely acceptable. They think there should be no limit to my patience. They are absolutely coming undone over a 3 day delay for their own payment.


I am getting phone calls, voicemail messages, and emails about how imperative it is that I come in and do my magic, now now now.

I told them that due to the fact that gas is 3 bucks a gallon and my expenses haven't been paid in 6 months, I've decided to conserve gas money by making no more than 1 trip a week over to that facility. I will see them on Friday.

All they had to do to get me to come in today, was overnight me a check. The main jackass tried to get me in there based on another empty promise, as if I were retarded or something. I'm way past promises. If they want me to come up, they've got to pay me.

I am going on Friday, because that's payday. If my paycheck is not there for some reason, I will turn around and leave without doing any work. I find it extremely hard to believe that they seriously expect me to care about a 3 day delay when they've had me waiting for 6 months.

I will not be working for them much longer. It's getting uglier and uglier and since they cannot induce me to do their bidding without expecting to be paid fairly, they will soon slip over the edge of stupidity and into the abyss of complete idiocy and fire the golden goose. That will make some asshole feel really manly for a few minutes, and then the shit will hit the fan when they realize the gravy train has stopped and none of them knows how to start it back up.

Meanwhile, I'll be at my next post, enjoying life. I will also be filing suit for my money and bringing the state down on them, busting them cold for every violation I know of.

Sucks to be a crooked ass weasel.

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