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2004-08-13 - 6:43 p.m.

I took a blanket, a pillow, and my cell phone out to the trampoline last night to watch the Perseids meteor shower. My nephew was all about it and he came out with me. He had a blanket as well. When we got to the trampoline, we were met with a soggy surface. So we put our blankets down first and laid on top of the blankets.

Fast forward 22 seconds:

E: Man, I didn't bring a pillow. And I wish I had another blanket. I'm gonna go get a blanket and a pillow.

Me: OK - Grab a couple of blankets and a pillow.

E returns and we are back in our places, warmer and more comfortable.

Fast forward 27 seconds:

E: I wish we had some snacks.

Me: Silence

E: Should I go in and get us some grub?

Me: Well, I don't think you are going to be allowed to be up much longer and if you keep going in you are going to spend all your time in the house gathering provisions for 10 minutes worth of meteor watching. We'd better just see what we can before your mom calls you in.


We saw a bunch of meteors, a few of them were really bright and went a long way in the sky. It was pretty fun. We had a mosquito trying to land on our faces and in my eye. Every time I put my hand up to swat away the mosquito, E saw a meteor. I would have thought he was pulling my leg, except I caught the tail end of a few.

During the whole time we were out there together, I saw probably 12 or so good meteors, while E saw 57. Either I am blind, or some of his sightings were imaginary...

We had a fun time. Myra came out for a while and we all laid on the trampoline watching for meteors.

The boy kept talking about a meteor falling in our yard and how we would have to split the fortune (that we would get for finding a meteor) equally among the ones who were out there when the thing falls. If Myra was inside when it fell, tough luck. Rules were established that whoever is in the house when the meteor falls, is outta luck.

I explained light years and pointed out the milky way. Bill Nye the science guy would have been proud.

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