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2007-03-21 - 12:06 p.m.

Today, my shiny blue car is blanketed with a dusting of green pollen. I've been sneezing for a few days because it is pollen time. Ahhhhh... pollen time.

Today, I have to go pay my insurance dues. My monthly premiums can be auto-drafted from my account, but the insurance company cannot quite manage to pull off the auto-pay magic with the annual dues, nor can they tack the dues onto one of the payments to extend a bit of convenience to the customers that keep the insurance industry in the green stuff. Noooooooo... to pay your dues and keep your insurance going, you must either mail a check.... and I seem to be out of checks... or you must make an inconvenient trek to their offices to pay up. This is the plan I will employ today.

I need to go be the good daughter today and visit my parents, whom I have been sort of neglecting lately. I could fill this day up with little errands if I really wanted to be diligent. I have a lot to do. I've accomplished a few of them today. I wonder where I put my little list of things I need to get done before the weekend. I need a personal assistant or something. A spouse maybe... someone to take care of the little details of life for me. Wait.. not a spouse. They would expect me to take care of their little details of life and I can't take even one more little detail of life. I'm all detailed out.

This weekend the sister and myself will be basking in the glow of luxury spa services. We are so ready for a spa weekend!! No work, no kids, no responsibilities... just relaxing and eating stuff. Fattening stuff. Hell yeah. My errands today are actually preparations for that trip. I also have to hit the bank and get my trip cash. And wash the pollen off my car... and clean out my car... I have a tendency to stash mail in there. I hate junk mail. I like personal letters, but that is an almost never occurance. The rest of it is people trying to get some of my money. Somtimes I take those postage paid envelopes and cram all the junk inside it and mail it back to the company on their dime. That'll teach em. Include a postage paid envelope in a sales pitch to me and it'll cost you 39 cents mister!! Or whatever your bulk mail rate is. Junk mailers!

You can't buy all that much whoop ass for 39 cents, but every little bit of whoop ass counts. I do my part.

I've decided to become a famous fashion designer in second life. Now I just have to figure out how to design clothes. It is done in photoshop, somehow. I'm going to get on it next week. I have a feeling I will be able to do it well. I am kind of crafty and swift like that. We shall see.

I need to go find some food before I fall out on the floor like a hypoglycemic ninny. ::sigh::

Every time I get out of the shower now I wonder if I am going to keel over. I have noticed that I frequently feel kind of bad right after my shower. Maybe it is just a little post trauma stress from that day when I actually did keel over. Or maybe I make my shower way too hot. That is a possibility. hehe

Alright... I'm off like a prom dress! See you gators later.

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