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2005-08-15 - 11:04 p.m.

I had a pretty good day. First thing, I checked my email and found an "I love you" from the guy who has loved me unquestioningly for 7 years, but who apparently hasn't been so sure about it lately. This doesn't mean we're back together, but it was better than a poke in the eye with a burnt stick.

Then, I went through the drive-through to get my coffee. I found out my friend with melanoma was having a better day and it made me feel a little better too. I had sort of dreaded seeing him feeling bad when I got there and having it color my whole day like it did last time I saw him.

Later on in the day I was told that my transmission problem was most certainly caused by the car accident and the mechanic is ruling it an accident-induced leak which resulted in the failure of the transmission. The insurance of the driver that hit me should cover my repairs. The transmission guy told me not to celebrate yet, because they may not agree, but that we probably had it in the bag. So here's hoping!

Then, at work, I managed to head off a nasty problem for the entire staff by rallying the troups to stop a certain hiring that would have been disasterous to us all. I think I stopped it. I'm pretty sure I did. I've got to get in there and find a replacement that everyone can live with.

I had a pretty good hair day.

And I'm looking forward to Autumn. It was a good day.

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