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2004-09-06 - 11:21 p.m.


What a sweet little collection of google searches I discovered just now! There weren't many over the past 24 hours, the the few I had were highly interesting.

Someone searched "Kliban Fly Restaurant" (because of my kliban cats)

There was one search for "Winona had a big brown beaver" (har har)(see spa entry)

And 2 searches went out for "Asrael abyss" (an entry I liked.)

It's pretty fun to see what leads people to the old Teetsville homestead.

I hope all you no-updating yahoos had a swell Labor Day celebration. I had a mostly quiet weekend, because Myra and her little lumps of loud went out to the lake, camping I presume. I went to see my folks today and my dad cooked something great, so that was pretty swell. Dad made garlic chicken (a stir fry) and he made some apple date nut bread that was shockingly good. I made my parents a couple of CDs. One was music and the other was funny clips from Shirley Q. Liquor.

My hair looks like crazy on a windy day.

Just an observation.

See, this entry is all about the minutia. And we all love minutia because that is what makes up life.

Wait, wasn't "minutia" a latin boy band in the 80's? Something like that...

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