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2005-09-08 - 8:21 a.m.

Good morning. And I use that term loosely.

Let me tell you how my night went:

Sick. Tired. Crash.
::cough, hack, wheeze::
Wake. flip. Settle.
::cough, gag, choke::
Grab cough drop, attempt to squelch coughing.
::snooze snooze COUGH::
Toss. Turn. Suffer.
::hack, cough, gag::
Look at clock. Realize how little sleep I'm getting. Try to relax.
::cough, hurt, wish for sleep::
Pop another cough drop. Toss. Turn. Settle in.
::wake, cough, hack, hurt, suffer::
Doze off, bolt awake with mother of all coughing fits.
::suffer, suffer, suffer::
Look at clock again. Cough drop.
::cough, wheeze, wonder how I could need to cough this much::
Calculate sorry lack of sleep, while looking at clock.
::cough, hack, wheeze::
Fall asleep and dream I'm eating something, wake myself up chewing the hard cough drop.
::damn, damn, damn::
Repeat mother of all coughing fits, noting terrible pain in neck, chest, and head. Try to doze.
::snooze, cough, snooze::
Wake. Cough. Look at clock.
Rinse. Repeat. All night long.

That's pretty much how it went. I saw the clock so many times, it was ridiculous. My rib cage and abs feel like I did some kind of physical fitness challenge. Naturally, I finally fell asleep solidly when it was time to get up. I didn't wake up from my alarm, I just worked it into a dream. I woke up late, feeling like a bucket of hot garbage, and thought "I can't do this."

I called in sick and I'm staying home today. I hate to do it, because I have lots of stuff to do at work. I hate to miss work right after taking time off. But here I am. I don't think I would be safe to drive the commute in this condition though. I didn't get much sleep at all. I'm going to get in bed and read for awhile. That night make me fall back asleep.

Tired. Of. Coughing.

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