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2006-04-26 - 7:30 p.m.

I got a nice newsflash today. I have gotten the green light to work on Friday and get paid an extra consulting fee for that. Woohoo! This is a new precedent. I hope to exploit this quite extensively over the next few weeks.

In other news, I have this annoying little mole that sometimes interferes with my bra n the back and I am having it removed tomorrow. I am something of a weenie when it comes to needles and sharp things being placed near my person, especially when actual cutting is going to be done. I'm just not terribly happy about this, but I think that mole contains a little threat of future melanoma, so I have to get rid of it now. Of course, when a mole is removed they send it away to be examined and I get to worry for a few days about what if...

But I'm just going to put the dread out of my mind until time to actually throw the fit in the doctor's office. I could possibly regress into some infantile behaviors, but I hope not.

I hope the resulting sore spot isn't so sore that it is distracting when I'm at work on Friday. ACK. Oh well. I'm tough. I'll make it through.

I hope.

I thought I might not have medical insurance much longer with the way things have been going at work, so I had the brilliant idea to go get rid of this mole that has bothered me for pretty much my whole life. On the eve of its removal, the idea seems less than stellar somehow.

I'll just keep thinking of that poor guy who gives me my coffee at McDonald's. He has melanoma.

This is not cheering me up.

ok... here's a joke:

What's invisible and smells like carrots?
Bunny farts.

::insert laughter::

There, I feel better. Don't you?

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