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2004-08-18 - 11:02 p.m.

I did the smart thing and called my mom's house before going over. They had lots of warning that I was going to come by and you'll all be relieved to know that not only did I not interrupt any geriatric coitus, I didn't even have to endure a discussion about it.

At one point, Myra called to say happy birthday and mom put her on the speaker phone and I had a few moments of serious fear that Myra was going to make a comment about me being afraid of interrupting "dessert". Then it would have been there... like a turd in the punchbowl. Making everyone uncomfortable.

This morning, my mom woke up to the smell of bacon and sausage cooking. My dad made her a Belgian waffle to go with that and some gourmet coffee. She had a great day and she took an afternoon nap while Dad made her a nice dinner. He cooked her a T bone steak, twice baked potatoes, some kind of fancy carrots, salad, and a peach tart. I swung by their house later with a bouquet of flowers and a small birthday cake. Myra and I are lining her up some massage therapy for her birthday present. Her favorite therapist is on vacation right now, so she can't cash in on it till later, but she'd rather wait for her favorite one than go to someone else. She said she had a great birthday.

Tomorrow is Myra's birthday and in a few more days, Elvis Jr. turns 9. In two more weeks, Wibby turns 3, two weeks after her birthday is my birthday, 5 weeks later is Bink's birthday, a couple weeks later is Dad's birthday, close behind that is Thanksgiving and then Christmas. So it's gift buying season. Not a break in sight till 2005.


I'd better get me some more clients.

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