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2004-04-14 - 9:18 p.m.

Today something great happened. The case that I thought was going to recover 3 grand, then it looked like 5 grand, has now grown to 9 grand. The billing went in and Medicare shows the claim qualifying for $9,109.00 more than they originally were billing for.

I found another case almost identical to that case today. They made all the same mistakes with that one, so tomorrow we will encode the numbers and see what we get. The final word comes back after the billing phase is complete.

Lots of good things happened today. I found a bunch of missed money and everyone at the hospital who were afraid of me at first are now hap, hap, happy that I am there. They suspected they were missing money, but they just had no idea how bad it was.

OK - nuff about work.

I skipped lunch today and was starved by dinner time. My parents had come to town to shop and they visited me here and we all ate out together. My dad heard about how much I am making per day and he said "Somebody explain to me again why I paid for dinner?"

We had a nice time. My horoscope today said to accept an invitation and that I'll surprised at who shows up wanting to take me out tonight. I certainly was! I thought it would be Fabio but it was my parents. hehe.

These pop-ups are angering my chi.

I am very comfortable in this hotel. They screwed up a couple things, such as not having broad band, as they promised. Then, my wake up call was one entire hour late. That was just lovely. But I got an extra hour of sleep in that deal and when you are the consultant, no one is knit picky about your arrival time.

I love my life now. I hope it lasts. ::pray, hope, chant, wheedle:: I could go on like this as long as it lasts and then start approaching rehab facilities in vacation towns and places I've always wanted to visit.

Oh boy. Either the rednecks have returned, or some new ones moved in. I just heard the most countryfied female voice yelling at top volume. Apparently, Butchy-Sue is angry at Billy Bob, because he is a "@#$%!!#$% sonofabeeeeeeeeyotch!!!"

Holy cow. Billy Bob must be amused at Butchy-Sue's assessment of him, because he is alternately laughing reeeal loud and coughing up his liver. He has thrown in a few high pitched hollers, ala Jed Clampitt, for good form. If you're going to do something... go all out. Don't just be southern. Be as bumfucky and embarrassing as humanly possible. Go all out, yo.

I like this hotel, even though they have no anti-redneck policy, and one reason I like it is the breakfast. You get a really good hot breakfast in the restaurant for free with every night you stay. It was great. That's why I skipped lunch. I was full all day.

I think I'll post this before I lose it.

Disclaimer: I do not hate rednecks. In fact, I am related to some very lovable ones. No rednecks were harmed during the making of this entry.

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