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2005-12-28 - 5:03 p.m.


I totally went to sleep last night on the heels of seeing this:

Mother Theresa or Big Floppy Monkey Ear?

...And while I was snoozing, I dreamed that a monkey was trying to bite me. It was hiding in a tree, but was swooping down every now and then, trying to bite me when it got close. I was sizing up the monkey and thinking it was small enough that maybe I could grab it and twist it's neck hard enough to kill it, if it attacked me. Then I remembered that chimps have the strength of 10 men and realized I was screwed and needed to find an escape hatch. I knew I'd never be able to grab it in the first place and then if I did get hold of it, it would bite me to death while I blew my big move and failed at twisting it's neck.

Well, I'm nothing if not thorough in my planning.

Hey... the fresh chiro thinks I'm sweet enough to give a guy a toothache. I told him so. (sarcastically) And when I was leaving, he called me "Sweet Thang". Then I blushed, which embarrassed me further. He laughed and seemed very delighted with himself. I said "You know... I'm not so much known for being sweet. That's what makes it such a funny thing to say."

Geez, I hope I didn't really blush.


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