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2005-12-28 - 1:02 a.m.

In an unprecedented THIRD entry of the day... I have got to share what I just found.

Below you will see a picture of a special cinnamon bun which is famous for looking like Mother Teresa. I think it looks more like a big floppy monkey ear, and I'm just glad the Holy Mother is dead so as not to see what some people think of her looks.

Someone stole this bun out of the Tennessee coffeehouse where it was on display. Someone call Geraldo. We need to catch this dispicable and dastardly criminal before he or she seals it up in a secret vault... nevermind. I'll bet some crack-head stole it in a fit of sugar withdrawal. Holy stale cinnabun, Batman!

That's a rather funny image though... some skinny, tore-back, crack-head chomping away on a stale-as-Hell "holy" cinnamon bun that has been in a display case for who knows how long.

Mother Teresa... or big floppy monkey ear? YOU be the judge.

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