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2007-07-09 - 2:07 p.m.

I'm totally playing at work today. I have set the temp on task, printing out my manual for me. I already did my stuff for the survey. I feel as ready as I'm gonna be. So I play.

This is the cushy part of the job. We have a low census and a light work load being generated. Cool stuff. It will get wild and hairy later and I'll pay for my sloth down the road when I am jumping through my ass trying to get everything done, but today... life is good.

I explored my new little community this past weekend. There are bike trails and cool stuff all over the place here. Too bad it is helly hot here all summer long and way into the fall. One of these days I shall live in a nicer climate. Or maybe I will just acclimate to this one. I have to go outside every day and warm up in the sun. It is flippin cold in this building. I eat ice and then I am freezing and I have to go stand outside in the sun and thaw out.

Let me tell you something about small towns in the bible belt: The radio SUCKS because they won't play Marilyn Manson, KoRn, Drowning Pool, Sevendust, or much else I want to hear. This is brought to mind because I am hearing Marilyn Manson on my favorite radio station right now and it just brings a tear of joy....

I heard that my station is giving away tickets to have a backstage BBQ with KoRn when they come to town for the Family Values Tour. If I win tix to that, I am totally blowing off mom's birthday. hehehe

I have been wrestling with the dilemma of being a bad daughter and going to a KoRn concert instead of mom's B-day party.... which is what I want to do... or being a good daughter and going to mom's b-day party even though I adore KoRn and neeeeeeeed to see them in concert. If it is just the concert I will miss, then I will go to mom's. But if I fuck up and win tix to a BBQ with the band, I am not passing that up. I'll just have to be the demon seed and let my sister be the golden child for a while. HA.

OK... I gots to bind my P&P mannual riiiiiiiiiight now. The temp FINALLY got it printed. I set her on that task before 9 am this morning and it's after 2 pm now. Took her all day to print it. She stares into space a lot. I think she is operating at a little short of full power.

Happy Monday peoples!!

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