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2005-06-09 - 11:27 p.m.

This entry was inspired by a comment left by Pete (www.incredipedro.com) on yesterday's entry about tallywhackers and their general tendency to be misrepresented to some degree by the guy in possession of said tallywhacker.

Pete says guys lie about the size of the schlong. He said it in jest, so relax, but sadly, I know that this shocking statement is true of some guys.

The story that best demonstrates my second hand knowledge of tallywhacker misrepresentation will not contain any real names. Protecting the innocent and the not so innocent, dontcha know.

So I have an acquaintence who is of the female persuasion and she had a little fling (very little)(har har) with a fellow who said he was "hung like a stallion". And let me just say that if I ever hear that phrase uttered, I instantly know I'm talking to he-of-diminutive-weiner, but apparently this girl broke into that old Monkees tune "I'm a Believah", cause she went for it.

Turns out, it was much less like a stallion and more like a button mushroom. With no stalk. She named it "the mooshy dot". She called me on the phone to scream for about 30 minutes after mooshy left the building. Screams of horror and remorse I tell you.

She will probably never happen upon this entry, but if she does and wants to comment on the horror, well, I'll just leave that option up to her.

His bologna has a first name... it's S-M-A-L-L....

Be careful out there girls..

Just saying...

Hey... don't miss the comments page. They are turning out really funny. They are also interactive. If you'd like to add a comment about what you call the starring appendage... go for it.

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