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2006-04-25 - 9:27 p.m.


I've outed myself as an American Idol fan. I'm sorry to disillusion some of you.

But we got business at hand.

I asked for everyone to vote for Elliot, my fave, by dialing 1-866-436-5702. You can also try 866-436-5708 and it will go for Elliot. I love him the best and he is an underdog at this point. This is why I felt I needed backup. I also like Catherine McPhee, who is beautiful and talented and Chris Daughtry, who is also beautiful and talented, with his bad self. But I was trying to pull votes for my boy Elliot.

I'd be terribly saddened to see Catherine or Chris go this week. If your dialing finger is willing, a few votes for Catherine (866-436-5701) and Chris (866-436-5706) would be nice. But please throw in a few more for Elliot. There's about 30 minutes of voting time left.

Smed, do it man. Vote. You know you wanna.

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