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2003-07-29 - 5:33 p.m.


Let's hope not.

Last night, after posting all the ghostie stories and... sad to say, after having laughed and laughed about the frightened readers who were all freaky and creeped out from my stories.... I found myself spooked and regretful at midnight. I really needed some sleep, because I was already sleep deprived from the lack of rest the night before, but I was feeling spooky and couldn't stay in my bed. I had to keep getting up and check check checking everything, OCD style.

The thing that really got me, was my dog. He just kept barking and growling and staring at nothing. His ears were all perked up, he was looking in the same direction at all times while he was barking. And the cat was crouching. I got scared. Bink was scared too, because I had just read all the scary stuff to her. She already knows all the stories and it still got her. I finally got some sleep. About 6 minutes worth.

So this morning, I came in to work and was still all hopped up on the spookers, and got into a conversation with a co-worker about hauntings. He brought it up again in the morning meeting, and we all traded scary stories instead of talking business. That was a big bonus for my day. I'd rather talk about ghosts than business any day.

The newest member of our staff is not from around here and was unaware of the history of this building. We filled him in. I'll bet he will be thinking about that tonight while he's trying to go to sleep. Here are some of the things I heard in the meeting:

Before the hospital opened under the current ownership, there was a very small crew having to work here alone. They reported lots of doors shutting, doors slamming, lights going on and off, loud booming noises, and general weirdness. One lady told us that on a Saturday, one worker was here all by herself (the FOOL) and she brought her dog with her, for company. She stayed for only a short time, because she was inexplicably afraid to be here alone, and on top of that, her dog was smooth freaked out. Every hair on that dog was on end, he was growling and barking and staring. She couldn't calm him down and she decided to believe what Fido was telling her and get the hell out.

When a hospital closes, the Adminstrator, the head nurse, and the Medical Records Director are all supposed to work for one final week, pulling together the loose ends and answering calls. When my first job in this building ended, our facility closed down. I (Medical Records Director) was the only one who showed up the following Monday. I went inside and immediately felt the eerie vibe in the building. I was walking just the distance it took to get to my office and I never made it there. I got so scared that each step I took was more difficult than the last. The building was locked and no cars were there except mine, but I could hear a voice from waaaay down one of the corridors. So I turned on a dime right then and left. I couldn't get out of there fast enough. Don't know what it was, don't care. Had to jet.

One lady in the meeting today said she was working for another hospital once upon a time when a man came into the ER all beat up and freaked out and he said he had been the victim of some kind of poltergeist activity. He said he had been thrown against the wall and beaten up by something and his wife and kids were witnesses to it. They didn't see what was attacking him.

At my house one time I was asleep in my bed, BY MYSELF, and my daughter and her friend were in the living room. They woke me up because they heard a man's voice coming from my room, yelling "HEY!" in a very aggressive tone. I didn't hear anything. I don't have a manly voice. We don't know what happened.

Another lady said her grandfather died before her kids were born and one day she saw the grandfather standing in the doorway of her kitchen. Later, she was telling her husband about it and he scoffed. Then her grown son, who had never seen the grandfather in life, got up and demonstrated how grandpa was standing, because he had seen it too. He stood a certain way and took on mannerisms he couldn't have known about. Since the skeptical husband had met the grandfather in life, he recognized the stance and had to concede that they saw him.

That same woman told a story about seeing her name written in the clouds while she was traveling home to a funeral, and she had a carload of witnesses who also saw it. One of her witnesses was in the meeting. (can you say nepotism?) hehe. The witness said "Girl, everyone was scared and wanting to squall." haha.

Our Director of nurses told something scary too. She said that one time she was working for a home health agency and she had a terminally ill patient whose wish was to die at home. He was extremely sick and weak, and totally bed bound. One night, she was called out in the middle of the night to give him some nausea reducing medication He lived way out in the boonies. She drove out there in the wee hours and administered his meds and when she got into her vehicle, she saw him standing outside under a tree, smiling and waving to her. She found out the next morning that her patient had died.

That one spooks me.

That's what our morning meeting was like. It was fun. How's that for a creepy willy boogens provoker?

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