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2004-09-13 - 3:10 a.m.

I just went on a mission of mercy. At 2:00 am I discovered a mouse in my mouse cube. It's a little plastic box that they can get inside, but they can't get back out. It's a very simple little trap that works like a charm. I used to buy sticky traps, but this is a much better solution.

I found "pantry mouse" trapped in the box, grabbed my keys, and off we went. We drove to a church that is fairly close by, but not close enough for the little vector to find his way back to my house. He's a church mouse now. Actually, I didn't let him go in the church or even right next to it. I let the mouse go in the grass behind the parking lot. He has time to make a new home somewhere before winter.

He was pretty vigorous with the freedom fighting during the drive, and when I let him out of the box, he scampered off... just like a Disney movie.

I lead SUCH a glamorous life!

We have meese, apparently because of our next door neighbors who were over there breeding them for fun and profit. I can't stand to kill the cute little vermin, so I capture them and then go set them free. We have other problems that are holding up the de-mousing process. I have seriously considered calling an exterminator, but I am afraid they'll poison our 2 cats. I don't even want our cats catching any poisoned meese, because I am afraid it will make the cats sick. Also, who wants to smell mouse carcasses? The exterminators claim they have something that will make the mice leave the house to die, but I've heard horror stories of stinky mouse carcasses and that is not a risk I've been willing to run. I may have to risk it though. I am afraid I'll never get rid of the mice if I don't have a full exterminator treatment.

The horror.... the horror.

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