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2004-05-25 - 9:31 p.m.

I found what I think is a good alternative to the sticky trap. I hate the whole ordeal I go through with the sticky traps and the covert trips to Tinseltown to set the oiled up rodents free to live another day on someone elses' property.

I was at Walmart, buying all my pest remedy supplies and there on the mouse remedy shelf, I noticed a mouse trap I hadn't seen before. It has a swinging door that only swings inward. The mouse goes in, theoretically speaking, and then he can't get back out. I can pick up the whole box and drive him off someplace and turn over the box, dropping the door open, inwardly, thereby releasing Mickey to the wilds. You have to put a nice peanut butter cracker in the box to lure Mickey in. We shall see how this works. I put the cracker in there, left it right by the mouse hole in the pantry, and hopefully I'll catch me a fat and crafty rodent.

I bought some caulking to fill up the mouse hole with, or at least to block it off. I got new shelf liner, and Rubbermaid containers to hold everything. I got a bread keeper, cereal container, chips barrell, lots of containers that we will keep every conceivable food item in. That way if the mousies come back, they won't have access to the grub. The only morsel he will be able to get is the peanut butter crackers inside the safe mouse trap.

I bought wasp & hornet killer spray too. A few days ago my ex bro-in-law was here visiting the kids and he got dive bombed by a wasp that had started building a home just above my front door. Bro was going to be a hero and kill it, so he came in and got my Bengal Roach spray. I heard all kinds of loud racket and clatter going on. He came in after awhile and said "Well, Bengal spray just pisses 'em off." hahaha. I'm ready now. I've got the Raid spray. That stuff drops 'em in mid-flight. I still have to call an exterminator.

I am working on my objectives for this week, but I'm doing it all much slower than I planned. I might have to take another week to get it all done. hehe.

I missed American Idol and I am so beyond pissed about it. I wish they would play it again for the idiots like me who forgot they watch a show every Tuesday night.

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