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2003-12-19 - 5:23 p.m.


It was perched atop the head of a guy who, no doubt, got quite a bit of play off the coat tails of Anthony Geary (aka Luke Spencer from General Hospital). He seemed to be duplicating his look on purpose.

If you are familiar with the ever-popular "Luke", then you'll understand just what I'm describing here.

This guy had curly blond hair, styled in this craaaaaaaazy-ass looking mullet, and his skin color as well as his eye color matched Luke's. He has the same general Luke Spencer appearance: pale, lanky, thin, curly blond hair, and he even went so far as to sport a "Member's Only" jacket. There are jokes about that. Anthony Geary did represent Members Only.

It's as if this guy was transported magically from the 80's, none the worse for wear, except a few more wrinkles.

Nice fella.

So I says "Dude, what's up with the mullet? And how did you get your hands on that vintage 80's jacket??"

I kid.

Actually, I talked with him as if I didn't notice that his entire style was 20+ years gone. He was well groomed, clean, friendly, and intelligent. He was not a bad guy, just fashion impaired.

But he had a mullet. A bad mullet. Let's just say hair grease was applied. Ok?

Gorsh I've been critical lately. Tards, mullets, and geeks... oh my.

I am a terrible person. I am certain I will be receiving a lump of coal or a bag of switches at best from Santa this year. I mean, I wasn't all that good this year. And Santa knows.

I should have been thinking about this stuff earlier in the year.

I'm off to have dinner at my mom's house. They're expecting me any second, so I gots to hurry. I hope I don't meet a big bad wolf on my way.

What's wrong with me today?

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